The 2016 AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Legends Awards Recipients 

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AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Volume 1&2


Grand Master Cynthia Rothrock

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the 2nd Edition of WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts

August 4-5th at the 35th Annual US Capitol Classics Gaylord Resort & Convention Center , Washington D.C

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The Who's Who in the Martial Arts is an autobiography book focusing on over 200 martial artists that are considered Legends in the martial arts spanning the past 60 years. This is the first of a kind book in the past 30 years.  The book is written by Grandmaster Jessie Bowen,  a 10th Degree Black Belt.

“The Who's Who in the Martial Art is a dream book for martial artist wanting to learn the history and culture of the martial arts.”

Many great Martial Artists have lost the chance to tell their life story. We want to preserve and share their journey with the world through the Who's Who in the Martial Arts Book. This autobiographical publication serves as a history book for today's martial artists. It is an essential guide for learning the history of our martial arts pioneers who have paved the way for today's martial arts. The book features over 200 martial artists sharing their journey, hard work, and personal achievements.

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Pioneer Legends in the American Martial Arts 

Karriem Abdallah

Pat Burleson

Leo Fong

Dr. Maung Gyi

David J. Praim

Jhoon Rhee

Allen Steen

Lifetime Achievement Legends in 

the American Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement Legends in the American Martial Arts  

Walter Anderson

Lawrence Arthur


Bill Clark

John Corcoran

Joe Corley

Glenn Keeney

Renardo Barden

Mike Dillard

Bernard Kerik

Andrew Linick

Michael Matsuda

Richard Norton

Stephen Oliver

Jerry Piddington

Simon Rhee

Tiger Schulmann

Jeff Smith

Bill " Superfoot" Wallace

Jim Thomas  

Champion Legends in the American Martial Arts 

Dan Anderson

Malia Bernal

Dennis Brown

David Brock

Jim Butin

Grant Campbell

B.J. Carnahan

Sylvester Cash

Sam Chapman

Helen Chung Vasiliadis

John Chung

Micheal Coles

James Cook

Roger Dabney

Lindia Denley.

EMontez Dennis

Michael Dietrich

Jeff Doss

Patrick ‘ Pat’ Duncan

Everett Eddy

Neil Ehrlich

Francis Farley

Alamo Al Francis

Brian Kula Fung

Mike Genova

Brian Kula Fung

Kash Gill

Daniel Gimenez

Michael Goldman

Lynn Scott Gregory

Jeff Gripper

Mark Gurley

Ashley Lane Harvey

Arthur Heller

Darrell Henegan

Steven Ho

Brenda Hund Lee

James Lee

Johnny Smiley Lee

Professor Gary Lee

Stacey Knight Mejia Chester Miller

Chris Minshew

George Minshew

Steve Muhammad

Skipper Mullins

John Natividad 

Joanna Needham

Sonny Onoom

Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

Don Rodrigues

Cynthia Rothrock .

Mikie Rowe Moore

Rudy Smedley .

Jaques 'JA' Steel

Greg Tearney

Judy Modafferi - Tearney

George Thanos

Eddie Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Keith Vitali

Sergio Von Schmeling

Bill Watson

Arnold White

Bob White

Michael Jai White

Pat Worley

Fred Wren

Tony Young

Black Belt Legends in the 

American Martial Arts .

Donald W. Barlow

Kent Bean

Libby Cantrell

Thomas 'Tommy ' Cleary

Michelle Coulson

Jeff Dixon

Barbara Duffy

Howard Floyd

Mich a el Frazier

Tommy Genova

Keith Graham

Andrea Harkins

Kyud Khairoden

Cassandra Kossmann

Amanda Law

Nelson Lebron

Lindsay Manchua

Brenda Mayfield

Robert McGee

Andrea McKey

Nestor L. Mirasol

Jimmie Moorefield

Craig Newman

Dave Pottenger

Karen Ware

Greg Ruth

Matthew Watson

Charles "Buddy " Watson

Sierra Williams

Martial Arts Organizations 

Professional Karate Association

American Freestyle Karate Associate

American Martial Arts Alliance

Dojo Organization

South Carolina Black Belt Hall of Fame

Grandmaster & Master Legends in the American Martial Arts

Dana Abbott

Nilo Ablong .

George W. Alexander

Michael Allison

Charlie Anderson

Danny Antoine

Doug Armstrong

Jack Ballard

F.D.Nick Braaksma

Jennifer Branch

Freddie Cantrell

Jamie Cashion

Alexander Cevallos

Howard Chung

Romeo Condeno

Ariel Delgado

Don DeVries

George Dillman

Ernest Dukes

Jeff Dunn

Dewey Earwood

Keith Elkins

Robert Fletcher

Isaac Florentine

Steven Franz

Dante Frias

Ted Gambordella

Avelino B. Gatpo

Mike George

Mark Glazier

Dane S. Harden

Scott Hartsell

Stephen K. Hayes

Hud Huddleston Sr

Skipper Ingham

Chris Jensen

Robert Kitchin

Alicia Kossmann

William Kossman

John Kreng

Apolo Ladra

Dongju Lee 

James Lee

Yoon Lee

Cliff Lenderman

Rickie Maddox

William Maier

Larry Martin

Robert Maxwell

Jason McCormick

Dr Mark McCumber

Bill McDonald

Darlene McPherson

Gary Melick

Polly Melick

Clarence P. Murray

 Glen Murray

Steve Parks

Hamilton Perkins

James Perlini

Brian Plempel

Steve Powell

Freddie Relevante

George Reynolds

Neil Ripski

Walter Rodd

Elizabeth Roshdy

Scott Rutter

Mark Shuey

Melody Shuman

Leon Simmons

Carmichael Simon

Billy Smith .

Brian Smith

Ron Smith .

Daryl Stewart

Anthony Andio Teel

Stanley Tippins Sr.

Bart Vale

John Venson

Lhod Villaluna

Dennis Warren .

Johnny Watkins

Eberhard G. Welch, Sr

Sule Konata Welch

Russell Willey

Don Willis .

Glenn Wilson

James Woodson

Keith Yates

Keith Zielke 

It has been way too long for an updated Who's Who to be published. We believe competitors, studio owners and students of all types and styles will enjoy the extensive contributions in this Who's Who 2016. Thanks GM Jessie Bowen!

Joe Corley

CEO, PKA Warriors and Founder, Joe Corley's Battle of Atlanta

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