The AMAA Nationals Martial Arts Championship

The AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Legends Awards Banquet

September 16th, 17th, 18th, 2016 Charlotte, NC 

2016 AMAA Legends Weekend At The Hilton Charlotte Executive Park Hotel




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AMAA Martial Arts Business September 16th

The AMAA WHO'S WHO Autobiography Book

2016 WHO'S WHO In The Martial Arts Legends Award Banquet & Book Publication Nomination Ballot 

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Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock 

Grandmaster Steven Seagal

Grandmaster Linda Denley

Grandmaster Sam Chapman

Grandmaster Jeff Smith

Grandmaster Stephen K. Hayes

2016 AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Legends Awards Banquet Guest Speaker Cynthia Rothrock Martial Artist & Film Star, September 17th 2016

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Cynthia Rothrock is one of the greatest martial arts/action film stars in the world. Few other performers can match her presence and energy on the silver screen. She is the undisputed "Queen of Martial Arts films."


As a Forms and Weapon champion, Cynthia Rothrock has traveled the world performing the intricacies of her martial arts arsenal. With precision, flare, and panache she has demonstrated before hundreds of thousands of spectators across the globe. Her "action-packed" self-defense and fight scenario performances garnered her the reputation of a consummate professional in the World of Martial Arts.

2016 AMAA Business Summit Business Coach Grand Master Dennis Brown, Jessie Bowen and Renee  Dawkins

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 Martial Artist from across the country will be honored for their contribution to the martial arts


Grand Master Cynthia Rothrock

WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts will pay a Special Trubute to

Grandmaster Dewety Earwood

Grand Master Dennis Brown

Grandmaster Allen Steen

Grandmaster Bill Wallace

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee

Grandmaster Glenn Keeney 


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Grand Master Jessie Bowen

Dear Sensei, Parents, and Students,

  I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to the AMAA Legends Weekend on September 16th - 18th at  Hilton Charlotte Executive Park Hotel at 5624 WEST PARK DRIVE, CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA.

  Since 1979, we have been organizing and hosting martial arts tournaments with tremendous success. We make every effort to promote professionalism, health & fitness and good sportsmanship.

  Our hope with this tournament is to provide an opportunity for learning as well as an outlet for competitive energy, technical development, and social interaction between competitors. We have planned a tournament that will include quality refereeing, and fairness. This event is perfect for first timers, intermediate, and advance competitors.

  Yours in the Martial Arts,

  Grand Master Jessie Bowen

Friday AMAA Business Summit

8.30am to 3.00pm

Saturday - AMAA National Tournament

8.00am to 4.00pm

Saturday AMAA Legends Award Banquet

6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Sunday Cynitha Rothrock Seminar

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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AMAA Legends Weekend